Father's Day

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As Father’s Day approaches I think of my own Dad, his legacy, his spirit, his shortcomings. He left me a beautiful story and complex family. He willed me his sense of adventure and risk-taking. I inherited his impatience and judgmental nature. On balance, it is a solid package, and one I am honored to possess. 

On this Father’s Day in particular, I also think of my oldest son, his place in my heart, his nature, his life. He became a father himself this year, and his adjustment to that position has been a beautiful thing to behold. This child of mine is not effusive by nature, nor generous with affection or gesture. As a child he was a complete perfectionist. He is smart, witty, focused  and disciplined in his pursuits. As a father he is wonderfully easy, calm, and steady. His heart is open; his love is bountiful; his joy is palatable. His genuine love, respect, and affection for his mate has been enriched. These are beautiful things to behold.

I also think of my own mate and his fathering on Father’s Day. It was the way he spoke about his daughter when we first met that drew me to him, that let me know he was a nice guy. It was his devotion to raising his daughter that defined his life choices. It is his lovely, accomplished daughter that reflects his quality of character.

These are the fathers that I celebrate on Father’s Day. Men who are present in their children’s lives. Men who foster(ed) security and purpose in their children. Men who love(d) life, family, challenge. Honorable men all.


Lori LeachmanComment