Jerry Jones and the NFL

Just this week the NFL experienced another public confrontation, only this time it was among the owners. Jerry Jones, who is a non-voting member of the compensation committee and owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is upset with the compensation package being award Roger Goodell as his contract comes up renewal. They are squabbling over $20-30mil in additional compensation. This comes at a time when of the 1,400 claims filed, only 140 former players have been able to access the financial support agreed upon in the concussion settlement. Anyone paying attention has to ask themselves, "Are these guys clueless? Are they callous and uncaring? Have they no decency or shame? Why are they not challenging each other over the debt they owe to former players? Why are they not discussing how to move the resources to those most in need in a more timely fashion? Why are they not moving to set up a committee to review how the game is played, and how to reform it?"

As much as I have loved football, I can no longer tolerate this hypocrisy and self dealing. I will not be watching.

Lori LeachmanComment