Requiem for a Running Back

Rebecca Carpenter's documentary, Requiem for a Running Back, is now screening. If you interested in CTE, its impact on the family, it's profile and progression, this film is for you. In it Rebecca endeavors to understand her father through her process of understanding CTE and what it does to a person. Having lived through my own father's struggle with degenerative cognitive impairment (from CTE), I can attest to the toll it takes on family dynamics and interpersonal relationships. In short, it is a tragedy for the entire family. That tragedy is compounded by the fact that these men are physically capable and generally aggressive. This combination virtually ensures that care giving is extremely difficult in the best of circumstances; in the worst, the burden falls wholly on the family.

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Screenings are listed below:

New York, 11/8/2017

Chicago, 11/10/2017

Virginia, 11/12/2017

Lori Leachman